M A R I A M     A L  S I B A I


COLLABORATION ONE: The Mary x Esme Belt-Bag

The first collaboration tells a story based on the Syrian Heritage of the Designer Mariam Al-sibai and Brand Art Director/Interior Architect Esme; a story of their culture through artisan craft and design.

This limited collaboration aims to shine light on the culture and heritage that is slowly deterriorating through our generations, as well as boosting local Syrian business whilst working directly with the craftsmen. The Mary x Esme collaboration focuses on working with talented artisans from Syria and the Middle-East , hand calving and crafting this beautiful and intricate  heritage-specific item with a  contemporary twist to be worn in the modern world. We work with a rare infusion of  materials using Mother-of-pearl, teak wood and Sai-silk (sai-silk: A type of of Silk produced in Damascus, Syria - made up of fine gold, silk and silver threads), each native to the region.

Modeled By The Beautiful Marwa Biltagi from 'Mademoiselle Meme'