M A R I A M     A L  S I B A I




Meet our first muse Hana. Born in Beirut, Lebanon but resides in the city of London, England. As our first muse, we approached Hana with respect to her extremely calming aura, warm-heartedness and serene spirit. 

Hanas personal style, one that we have looked up to for many years, resembles a chic yet classic effortlessness; from the way she fixes her pieces together to the way she dresses them individually. Her strong and confident flair in fashion derives from her mature sense of identity; as a mother, grandmother, artist and icon.

 We photographed Hana within her own home surrounded by her inherited mother-of-pearl century-old furniture pieces, passed down by her late husbands ancestral pasha roots. The inspiration behind the shoot was influenced by 'Olafur Eliassons : The Weather Project' installation - pertaining a tranquil, peaceful, spiritual yet mysterious atmosphere, both present and apparent in Hanas home during the shoot.


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